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Machining Training Solutions Partners With Bayside High School To Support NASA’s HUNCH Program

Machining Training Solutions (MTS) in Longwood, Florida will partner with Bayside High School in Palm Bay, Florida to actively participate in NASA’s HUNCH program. NASA initiated the HUNCH program (High Schools United with NASA to Create Hardware) to make sure the next generation of high school graduates understands the variety of career paths that can lead to missions exploring space.

A two-week program at Greenville Technical College trains students for an in-demand job.

Upstate South Carolina has a strong environment for advanced manufacturing. Due to a massive number of retirements and employee fluctuation, employers are struggling to find qualified people to fill CNC (computer numerically controlled) operator positions. Greenville Technical College’s (GTC’s) new “80 to Work” program speeds up the training process to get those positions filled.GTC is partnering with Machining Training Solutions (MTS) to offer the intensive, two-week training program.

Lake Technical College and Machining Training Solutions Partnership

Lake Technical College and Machining Training Solutions (MTS) in Longwood, FL are partnering to provide educational training for students interested in the CNC manufacturing industry. “This unique public-private partnership will allow Lake Tech and MTS to share expertise and resources with students in Lake County, as well as, the Central Florida region and beyond,” says Lake Tech’s Executive Director, Dr. Diane Culpepper.

Virtual Training Helps High Schools Teach Real-World CNC Skills

Incorporating CNC technology training into the curriculum can be difficult for high schools that can't afford the expense of the liability associated with live equipment, but one company claims to have found a better way. Leveraging software adapted from a German apprenticeship system, Machining Training Solutions (MTS) of Longwood, Florida, says...


A Florida company has developed an innovative training program that allows high schools to offer their most gifted manufacturing students a CNC program that meets the needs of today’s high tech manufacturing plants. Machining Training Solutions (MTS) in Longwood, FL developed an online Honors Program to train students in CNC technology using virtual simulation that has shown groundbreaking results.

CNC Training Making Headway in Florida

We hear the complaint time and time again: There’s a shortage of skilled labor in the United States. So what are we doing about it? One solution that has been getting results in Florida is the 80 to Work Program from Longwood-based Machine Training Solutions (MTS). This intensive virtual reality training program helped Hoerbiger Corp. of America have new employees on its shop floor moving on with the next phase of their training in two weeks.

Simulation is Revolutionizing the Way CNC Technology is Being Taught

In today's classroom, simulation allows teachers and trainers to deliver large amounts of often complex information in a virtual setting without the expense or danger of having to perform these actions on live CNC equipment...

Geometric and Machining Training Solutions Work Together to Fill Critical Skill Gaps

Machining Training Solutions (MTS), the developer of the most advanced CNC simulation-based training system in the U.S, and Geometric, a leader in advanced manufacturing software including CAMWorks®...

HOERBIGER Corporation of America, Inc., Helps Grow Florida Jobs

HOERBIGER Corporation of America, Inc. (HCA) is the first company in Broward County and one of the first in the state to take advantage of a WorkForce One grant giving customized training for the development of “C” level machinists...

Machining Training Solutions Starts Students with Florida Ready to Work (FRW)

Machining Training Solutions (MTS) is an advanced manufacturing training provider that is working to answer our nation’s need for skilled manufacturing workers...