Classroom Training Inspection Kit Part List

This Inspection Kit includes:

  • 0-1 Digital Micrometer
    • - A device that measures in metric or inches and provides a digital readout on a clear LCD screen.

  • 6" Dial Caliper
    • - A device the measures outside and inside depth and step measurements up to 6 inches with 0.001 inches.

  • 6" Steel Scale
    • - Semi-Flexible Steel Rule with inch graduations.

  • Drop Indicator w/Base
    • - A bench-type comparator gage that is ruggesly built for in-process and final inspection work.

  • Brown & Sharpe Sine Bar
    • - Used to measure compound angles of workpieces.
  • Surface Finish Gage Chart
    • - Shows the roughness average for different manufacturing processes in micrometers and microinches.

  • Gage Block Set
    • - Primary standard for dimensional quality control. They are used as a reference for the calibration of measuring equipment used in machine shops.

  • Combination Square
    • - Measures angles - A combination square can reliably meaure 90 and 45 degree angles.

  • S909 set
    • - The Starrett S909 Tool Set contains 3 of the most commonly used precision tools.

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