Machining Training Solutions Starts Students with Florida Ready to Work (FRW)

Machining Training Solutions (MTS) is an advanced manufacturing training provider that is working to answer our nation’s need for skilled manufacturing workers. Based in Longwood, Fla., the company provides online and onsite training to both individuals and major corporations such as Caterpillar and BMW.

Early this year, MTS opened the doors of its Manufacturing Skills Training Center in Longwood, where it provides courses on basic manufacturing, as well as more advanced CNC (Computer Numeric Control) skills. CNC machines are used to produce both metal and plastic parts, and CNC operators are widely sought after in the manufacturing industry. The company combines manufacturing curricula with CNC simulator software to provide students with a safer, more interactive learning experience. MTS focuses on training students to qualify for the IHK CNC Production Specialist certification. This international certification makes students more attractive to manufacturing companies both domestically and abroad. MTS training courses are also being offered at various Florida community colleges and by major manufacturing companies across the state.

Whether students are taking courses at the Longwood facility or at their local community college, they start their training with the Florida Ready to Work assessments. MTS relies on FRW to level the playing field for students entering the programs with various experience and educational backgrounds.

MTS President Al Stimac said that the assessments allow the classes to run smoothly. “Before we started using the Florida Ready to Work assessments, we found that one student could slow down the entire class,” he said. “But if we have the students achieve at least a silver credential, the whole class is more productive.” Stimac said that his company has also had great success retraining those students who don’t achieve the silver level by using the FRW courseware.

Stimac encouraged other businesses to take advantage of the free FRW courseware and assessments as they search for and train new employees. “A new employee is a big investment,” he said. “The Florida Ready to Work credential gives businesses the assurance that they made the correct investment.”